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19th-Oct-2012 06:30 pm
No, not really. I think I'm doing more writing in my head and not posting, because looking at my computer screen, I don't see any updates from the past three weeks. I remember writing two during that time...

... and yet, I'm wrong.

So, here we go.

The week after I hit 189, I dropped 5 pounds, landing at 184. That was amazing. Loved it. Completely unexpected.

The week after that I dropped another 3 pounds, ending up at 181. That was a shed water moment, because I realized I needed to stop soon. Like, really soon. It was possible, though unlikely, that I was going to hit 176 one week from then. I prepared to buy different groceries after my next weign-in.

The week after that, I was even more surprised, and somewhat delighted. I stayed stable at 181. That was 3 days ago. If I didn't lose weight, and if I'm not to my "end point", why was I "somewhat delighted"?

Well, to me, this whole stop/start thing I've been doing the past 6 weeks or so is indicative that my body is pretty happy in this range. I'm about done. Plus, I'm still on plan, no cheating, and I've been going to the gym twice a week, so I think that it's entirely likely that the results are being impacted by something besides "how much fat I've lost".

I think it's showing that I am gaining muscle.

Excuse me while I go *squee* in delight!
20th-Oct-2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
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