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Health Update and assorted sundries 
8th-Nov-2012 05:42 pm
... or thereabouts.

It's been about two and a half weeks since I hit my goal. Broke it, actually, still joyful about that. I've still been weighing in each week, to watch what happens as I transition off of plan, and start experimenting with new, long-term eating plans.

A week and a half ago I weighed 176, so up one pound. A couple days ago I weighed in at 177, up one more pound. Two weeks of increasing calories and sugar, two pounds gained. Seems reasonable. I haven't been to the gym for cardio- or strength-training since I hit my goal. Still doing Tai Chi class each week.

I'm looking at a couple of options. I'm going to make a bid to go to Paradox on Sat. the 17th or Sun. the 18th with Heather. I very well might be going to Nicholas on Fri. the 16th for dinner. Going to research nutritional values on the things I'd want to eat there. Exciting stuff.

There are some other crazy changes. Big stuff. Started a meditation practice. Crazy. Didn't expect that. Purchased a web domain and hosting package. Setting that up. Going to move all of this stuff over there soon. Crazy. Very happy. Less crazy, more awesome. Actually the other stuff is awesome too. Lots of happy, crazy, awesome going on.

What else? That's plenty for right now, I'm going to decide what to do tonight. My original plans have been jettisoned in favor of restful, quiescent solitude. And writing, I think. We'll see. No, this doesn't count. Well, kinda. :P
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