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Dave's Random Thoughts
A "first draft" for the book of everything
Late night weight update 
14th-Nov-2012 10:49 pm
Yes, I didn't write "health update". I just noticed that I had another "I posted that, right? No? What? Are you serious?!" moment.

I lost more weight. Not trying. Happened.


So, week one of maintenance I gained one pound, week two I gained one pound, and then week three I lost four pounds.

Not trying.

After this week (already had potatoes, a biscuit, and rice with various meals) we'll see if that lasts. I have some Quinoa to go with my meal for tomorrow. Stoked about the Quinoa.

I kinda liked that I lost more weight. I've noticed that there is a thrill to it that is not strong enough to be a "red flag", but I get it. I've had a lot of serious positive reinforcement about this diet thing, and I see multiple paths to food-related issues if I were to start chasing validation, acknowledgement, or attention by continuing with this. Just noting it here, not really worried.

I don't need to be smaller. I could use some physical stamina/strength, that would be nice, but no, not less. Maybe more.

What I really need is more time to write. /sigh
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