October 1st, 2012


So, someone called you a Unicorn Hunter?

This article is a long, technical discussion of what being a "Unicorn Hunter" means, what's wrong with it, and how people in such a situation can try to avoid the negative stereotypes associated with such behavior and get the things that they are ultimately looking for. It is written in a conversational style so as to make it as "approachable" as possible, but it is not watered-down or simplified.

This is not a touchy-feely, happy-go-lucky, or pithy endeavor. This is substantive. I have taken pains to avoid personal attacks or insults, but I have not held back from being critical about fundamental problems with such approaches. This is not an attack on anyone, this is a blunt explanation of what it is and why it has the stereotype it does.

This is not thorough. There are large areas that I don't touch. I wouldn't be able to write this here if I were to try to be exhaustive on the topic. For instance, I only hint at people who are trying Polyamory to save their relationship. I don't mention the concept of Poly Triads within D/s relationships. There is a lot more meat on these bones.

What I've discussed here is pretty much a best case scenario, avoiding any pretext of a Straw Man argument. I assume the highest and best goals and intentions of an inexperienced Poly couple, and go from there, showing that this endeavor is still entirely problematic. If you are still up for it, feel free to click on the link.

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