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Dave's Random Thoughts

A "first draft" for the book of everything

David L Noble
20 January 1971
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I'm currently unemployed and spending an inordinate amount of time being a social butterfly, reconnecting with previous social networks, nurturing old friendships, making new friendships, and, of all things, dating! For most of my life games have been a huge part of my life, but right now they really aren't.

I love writing, though I am an "Amateur" at best. I have been spending almost as much time... or maybe more with various writing projects than I have with my social life since my last job came to an end.

I love music, and have a very broad range of tastes. Reading has a constant presence in my life... whether it is the daily news, a book I picked up (usually something to do with Philosophy/Politics/Religion/History), or just a novel... I am always reading something. I have a few plants that I am overly fond of, though no pets.

Please feel free to comment on whatever I write here. I will often (verbally and in writing) take a side of an issue, without actually "owning" it. I find that I learn a lot about myself (and really enjoy the process) by debating an issue, before I am certain of my own position. I enjoy taking a side of an issue and trying to support it extemporaneously, although I can not always do so with a straight face. I enjoy engaging in the exchange of ideas. I enjoy learning above all else.